Blanchet Farm

-98a373d15b7a71feThe Blanchet Farm is located in Yamhill County, near Carlton, Oregon.  The Farm was first purchased in 1962 and now is a little over 60-acres in size.  It’s mission reflects the original Catholic Worker Movement notion of the homeless and people in recovery workingon a farm, far away from the temptations of city life.  Over the years, the Farm has been very successful in changing lives and is a thriving place with several different types of operations.

Approximately twenty two men live at the Farm at any one time, usually staying between three to six months.  Most arrive there by referrals from various recovery and rehab agencies in the area.  All of the men are required to work a full day in one of several areas.  In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held nightly on the property, with the exception of Friday and Sunday nights when men are allowed to go to outside meetings in either Newberg or McMinnville.

Work on the farm consists of caring for the 300 egg laying hens, feeding hogs and keeping their pens clean, constant maintenance of the buildings, lawn and brush cutting, vehicle repair, wood shop assignments, meal prep and pruning of numerous bushes, fruit trees and Christmas trees.  Much of the equipment for farm operations and food for the residents are in-kind donations.  Please refer to the right hand column for the Farm’s Wish List.

Woodshop SmallOne of the principal activities at the farm is a woodworking shop, located in the former laundry room.  Some of the previous guests have had woodworking skills and passed on those skills to others before leaving.  Besides producing the farms trademark Adirondack chairs, the shop also created all wood furniture for the downtown Blanchet facility.  These included tables and stools for the dining hall as well as dressers, desks and nightstands for the upstairs housing units.

The Blanchet Farm is an active place that generates a good deal of pride, skills and self esteem in the men who reside there.  Far away from the temptations of downtown, the men who come to the farm have a chance to get back on their feet and become farmers at work.

To learn more about the Blanchet Farm, please contact the Farm Manager Ross Sears at or at (503)-852-6626.


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Greg Baker

Executive Director

Kelly Lyons

Development Director

Dennis Arnold

Purchasing, Building and Food Services Manager

David Greenberg

Residential Program Manager