Adirondack Chair Set


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Blanchet Chairs are both built and designed by men in our recovery program. They resemble traditional Adirondack chairs, but there are several key improvements:

  1. Elevated seat for more comfortable usage. Traditional Adirondacks have a very low seat and can be tricky to stand from. We have a unique leg style that elevates the seat, combining both comfort and ease of standing.
  2. Curved back panel. The back panels of the chair gently wrap around your back, almost like an embrace. Whether you choose to use a cushion or not, we’ve found them so comfortable that often we don’t want to stand up.
  3. Oversized proportions. We got tired of feeling trapped and squished in traditional Adirondack chairs, so built these to feel spacious, with extra-wide arms to support both a coaster and beverage of your choice!
  4. Supporting recovery. Most importantly, all the money received from sales of these chairs goes directly back to the program, helping to lift up the men in recovery at the Blanchet Farm.

All the products of our woodshop are uniquely designed, made with love, and a proud accomplishment of men who are actively fighting to get their life back on track. More than simply a piece of backyard furniture, they are a testament to the hard work and sacrifice of those fighting to stay clean and sober.

Those fighting to create their own second chance.

Your purchase will directly make a difference in the lives of men working to rebuild themselves.


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