Residential Living Program (RLP)

Our residential living program is a seven-month work recovery opportunity for men who are looking for a stable environment while they establish a new direction in their lives. Our focus is on accountability and peer support as we help each other build towards a new life with dignity and respect.

For their first 90 days, all guests are expected to volunteer in our Founders’ CafĂ©, preparing and serving meals to Portland’s homeless and transient population. Each shift is approximately 5 hours, and new guests work every day except Sunday. In return for this service, guests receive housing, food, basic hygiene products, and case management.

On the 91st day, guests have the option of securing outside employment, and may use the remainder of their time at Blanchet House building up resources for their transition into stable housing. At no time is any guest charged money for any of our services.

Requirements for Entry:

  • A desire to lead a clean life, free of drugs and alcohol
  • A minimum of 30 days of sobriety prior to entrance
  • Willingness to follow direction
  • Ability to remain humble
  • Passing of pre-screening interview and 3-day “working” interview on-site

In addition, for the safety of our volunteers, staff, and other guests, we have criminal background policies, and in some cases may ask for medical referrals before entry.

Please call Kristi Katzke at 971-337-8747 during regular business hours for more information or to start the pre-screening process.

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

At the conclusion of the Residential Living Program, some guests are invited to apply for our longer term Transitional Living Program. This program is reserved for our most exemplary guests, those who have shown outstanding commitment to their life plan and been model members of our community at the house. Some members of our farm residential program are also eligible for the TLP if they find employment or schooling near downtown Portland.

Prior to exit, candidates for this program will be invited to write an essay expressing their desire to stay at Blanchet House for an extended period. The essay is reviewed by a panel of case managers, staff, and our Executive Director, who will then interview the candidate. All candidates for this program must be either working or going to school full-time.

Upon acceptance, guests move to a private room on our fourth floor, where they continue to have the same support system and case management that they had in the earlier program, but with increased freedom and privileges in the house. Some light volunteer work is still expected, but otherwise the focus of these guests is on more independent living.

The transitional program provides up to an additional nine months of housing, food, hygiene products, and case management services.



Greg Baker

Executive Director

Kelly Wetherald

Development Manager

Dennis Arnold

Purchasing, Building and Food Services Manager

David Greenberg

Residential Program Manager