What is Blanchet Farm?

Blanchet Farm provides a continuum of services for men with drug and alcohol problems. Blanchet Farm often provides a last hope for addicts and alcoholics who have run out of options. Since 1962, the farm has offered free help to men in need. Blanchet Farm is housed under Blanchet House which is a tax exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is funded by our community of compassionate donors. Blanchet Farm is free. There is usually a short waiting list.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of work. Our 62 acre working farm offers a therapeutic experience combined with all that rural living has to offer—including pigs and chickens, a wood shop and vegetable gardens. Our guests take responsibility for all areas of their lives and participate in meaningful work while in treatment. Though our working farm provides the most obvious opportunity for work, all of our Farm programs incorporate similar approaches. We are constantly using evaluation measures to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.

The Blanchet Farm Residential Living Program is eight months long. The requirements for entry are the desire to lead a life free of drugs and alcohol, a willingness to follow direction, the ability to stay humble and a sincere attitude to enrich and  improve ones life. All applicants must be mentally stable and physically able to handle a medium work load six days a week. Applicants are subject to background checks and may be asked to provide medical referrals before entry into the Farm Residential Program.

Please call Case Manager Vicky Spear at 971-337-8745 for more information or to start the pre-screening process.




Greg Baker

Executive Director
503-241-4340 x102

Kelly Lyons

Development Director
503-241-4340 x103

Dennis Arnold

Purchasing, Building and Food Services Manager
c 503-226-3911 or x104

David Greenberg

Residential Program Manager
c 971-271-4973 or x106